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Ever fancied the idea of having your own DalĂ­ lobster-telephone? Well, now you can! Thanks to the wonders of modern materials, the newly-invented, snappily-alluring lobsterfone accessory allows you to turn (almost) any phone into a lobsterfone!

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That's right, the lobsterfone tshirt has finally arrived. Get the sealife chic with these latest fashion necessities.

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Download now this free MP3 ringtone for your mobile. It's perfect for text alerts. Even if you don't yet have your own lobsterfone, you can get snapping with this ringtone!

Buy Now!The simple but stylish crustacean creation easily attaches to your phone, and is just as easy to remove if you want to look a bit more serious (or are getting tired of all the attention from beautiful people on the bus). In fact, you can take it off and stick it back on as often as you like.

For more information on these arthropod accessories, check out the lobsterfone product pages, or drop us a line to find out more!

lobsterfone: how do you use yours?

lobsterfone t-shirts

customer satisfaction

"That's one good gimmick if ever I saw one!" -- Granny on bus

"That's actually the dumbest thing I've ever seen! And in the form of a crustacean!?? I want one" -- Shoreditch resident

"That's AMAZING! I love it! ... I don't know why I want one but I do!" -- Guy at the airport

"Where can I get one?" -- The words on everybody's lips.

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Keep checking back for more great lobsterfone developments.
Arriving soon: "lobsterfone gallery" and "how do you use yours?".

Meanwhile, why not snap one up today and have your very own lobsterfone?

did you know?

In Cuba, lobster is a state-controlled food and can only be eaten in state-run restaurants.